What is Q2DM?

Q2 Domain Manager (Q2DM) is a dynamic data virtualization platform that:

Q2 Domain Manager provides:

Data Sourcing

Q2 Domain Manager eliminates the need for upfront data sourcing. It allows subject matter experts the ability to directly connect to traditional web services, databases, Excel, SharePoint. This minimizes dependence on others to truly leverage data.

Data Aggregation

Q2 Domain Manager enables subject matter experts to ingest new data sources from disparate sources. Data from multiple sources can be transformed and loaded for analysis, reducing reliance on IT staff.


Q2 Domain Manager empowers subject matter experts who best understand the data, to drive the exploration and analysis. This removes the dependency on predefined or limited ad-hoc data monolithic models.

Data Federation

Q2 Domain Manager provides an open API and other output targets such as Excel allowing real-time sharing and collaboration in analytics and daily business processes. Data, and the derived insights, becomes more plentiful, more actionable and more beneficial to an organization.

Real-Time Enhancements

Q2 Domain Manager allows for real-time enhancement and enrichment of data through a controlled process.

Q2DM Features

  • Easily create data models using SQL.
  • Edit data models on the fly via a customizable user interface.
  • Consume data instantly and in your formats.
  • Enable domain experts to control information architecture.
  • Instant Information Architecture changes without involvement of development teams.
  • Leverage a variety of outputs for specialized data reporting and visualization tools.
  • Instantaneous collaboration capabilities.

The Q2DM Advantage

  • Reduced cycle-time getting to actionable information
  • Increased productivity of analysts and domain groups
  • Increased decision-making tools and organizational effectiveness
  • Reduced cost of application development and investment required for system creation
  • Increased visibility of IT and organizational health
  • Reduced stakeholder/developer interaction in data modeling
  • Acceleration of development lifecycle
  • Acceleration of platform build for Real time data analysis / data visualization


Q2 Domain Manager

Q2 Domain Manager allows you to house disparate data sources in one location that would not normally coexist. Using the Q2DM, you are able to harness the knowledge and decision-making power of combined data sources in ways that would otherwise be cost and time prohibitive. Technical developers use Q2DM for customized application development that enable organizations to exploit and drive live feeds of a variety of data events into powerful business tools. At the same time, Data Analysts use Q2DM to review temporal data elements in a myriad of ways that empowers the organization and gives the creative churn back to the data rather than the handling of the data. With a license to Q2DM, clients are able to load and burn into any data artifact and join it with other data artifact/s to provide alternative views and analytics of those data. Limited only by imagination, your data truly becomes yours regardless of where it stands in the organization allowing you to delve into business intelligence and analytics that offer endless possibility to improve, interpret, and address organizational health.

Q2DM Service Explorer

The Q2DM Platform includes Service Explorer (SE) which is the user interface for Q2 Domain Manager. Q2DM Service Explorer is the control interface to all of your domain data management requirements. SE allows users to create domain models using SQL code. This is where the magic begins. SE enables developers, architects, analysts, and even non-technical users, to configure Domain Model parameters and filters, as well as manage notifications, templates and views associated with the domain model. Data integrity and security is made easy using our user-friendly Access Control System. SE is the one stop shop for your Domain Data needs.

Q2DM Data Visualization Adapter

The Q2DM Data Visualization Adapter (DVA) thin client adapter sits between the Q2DM Service Explorer engine and a third-party visualization software to generate outputs in a variety of file formats compatible with leading software. this allows for flexible interactions with an array of data types in a single report query instance. With this interface, data analysts and developers can query on a range of data fields and properties with the look and feel of a simple pick list all while leveraging the power of DV tools like Tableau to render real-time heat maps and customized report URLs that utilize the rich data connector to return current data anytime the link is accessed.

JavaScript SDK

JavaScript SDK enables developers to use Q2DM as an application development platform. Our SDK provides a JavaScript API library that exposes Q2DM platform functionality. This offers the ability to integrate Q2DM Services and other functionality with other applications in a consistent manner.

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